Code of Conduct

REINA’s code of conduct is a set of fundamental rules and values that reflect our corporate culture and guide our day-to-day business practices.   


At REINA Company, professional responsibility means the highest level of skills, experience and manners. Our clients’ interests are our primary priority throughout the entire process. Our actions are based on trust – both in the exchange of information, completing the tasks we are given and representing our clients’ interests, using the best market practices and highest standards.


We respect and care for our clients’ financial capital. But for us, capital also refers to the people we work with. We respect and allow people to develop in a professional and personal manner, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, views and origin.


As a reliable business partner, REINA Company is covered by the liability insurance for business practice in Poland and the EU.


We provide our clients with all organizational and personal resources of REINA Company. The essence of this activity is to maintain good relations with both our current and previous business partners and the ability to generate synergies between these entities.


REINA Company is a fully independent entity and is not subject to any corporate orders. We are solely guided by the interests of our clients and eliminate cases that may constitute any source of conflict of interest. Honesty and integrity in the exchange of information, transparency of communication and document circulation are the principles confirming the credibility of our business activities.